Meissner Bolte

One of Germany’s most prestigious intellectual property firms, Meissner Bolte brings deep technical expertise to every case ensuring the right result for you.


Founded more than 100 years ago, our heritage makes us one of the most trusted intellectual property firms in Germany.

We have remained at the forefront of the sector thanks to our consistent innovation and desire to protect our clients’ unique creations.

Securing your innovation

Intellectual property is vital to your business’ success and growth. But to ensure it develops its full potential it must be protected. Our focus is always on the robust defence of your inventions. Wherever you are in the process we can support you and guide you to a successful outcome. With acknowledged skills in patent litigation, as well as the necessary technical understanding of your sector, we act in partnership with you to defend your rights. With us at your side you can get on with what really matters: continuing to innovate, develop and grow.


Widenmayerstr. 47 (Reception No. 47, 1st floor)
80538 Munich

+49 89 2121860


The European Patent Litigators Network is a group of leading patent law firms from across Europe. Our collaborative approach means we offer an effective solution to Unified Patent Court (“UPC”) litigation.


As a pan-European network our members are able to offer local, scalable solutions to your litigation needs before the UPC.